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The years pass and the handbags are still the most important addition to our creation. A handbag is the best treasure trove of knowledge about her user. Every woman probably has her favorite, without which she can not imagine leaving the house. But undoubtedly in your closet, it is worth having several types of bags for different occasions. Thanks to this, we will be able to finish each of our stylizations with a perfectly matched purse accessory.
Below we present a few dominated 2019 trends in this important accessories area.


Can a fashionable woman wear a backpack instead of a purse? It depends on where and on what occasion, but in general our answer sounds decidedly Yes!

Currently, backpacks occupy one of the first places among the trendiest additions of the season. Instead of a handbag, today we carry loosely hung backpacks on our shoulders.

The backpack is a great addition to loose, informal stylizations. In addition, the shoulder straps do not slip off our shoulders, eliminating the need for constant correction.

No one expected that backpacks and school bags would be a must-have for every trendsetter. We admit, the designers positively surprised us! Practical and comfortable, they release our hands, which, as it turns out, is useful quite often, and the backpacks are much more than a chest or a clutch bag.

Women’s backpacks in attractive colors, with lots of practical pockets, guarantee two benefits at once: you look fashionable and on time, and at the same time you feel natural and at ease.

It will also be a good idea to choose a backpack for work. In the office, these leathers with simple, classic cuts will work perfectly.

For minimalists, we recommend fashionable leather briefcases in black. For hippies – backpack sack covered with tassels. Fans of the military style will like backpacks with patches, studs and sprayed with paint.

Bamboo Bags

Bamboo bags are a hit of recent seasons. They are fun, tasteful and at the same time, these bags are a serious statement!

They are fast, ready to shine, and above all, they will make you shine. It does not matter if you are on a walk or you are going to the beaches, this addition can make the smile appear on your face.

Sharing happiness makes us happy all over the world, right? Well, that’s what we believe in. And such a lovely bamboo bag can give you a happy feeling that makes you smile a lot. Why not get your own and test our theory.

Tote Bags

Tote bags are timeless and it does not change in 2019. Thanks to the extraordinary capacity, women’s shoulder bags can hold all the essential accessories necessary for a woman outside the home. Various styles of bags will allow you to choose a copy that best fits with its character and current outfit and mood.

Be sure to choose the right handbag for the color and style of your shoes! It is extremely important to use in the production of high-quality materials and a careful finish of the handbag, so that not only a woman’s shoulder bag can be used for many years, but also will not cause unpleasant abrasions on the body and clothing. Thanks to the very diverse models, every woman can easily find a bag with which she will be most comfortable.

Clutch Bags

The clutch bag is a handbag full of chic and sophistication. Most of us think that it is only suitable for the evening. However, nothing is more wrong. You can easily use it every day. The clutch bag is great to spice up any styling.

The advantage and disadvantage of the clutch bags is their small capacity – not everything will fit in them, but you will take with you only what you really need.

A classic and very versatile solution are clutches in white, black and beige. However, we encourage you to choose bags also in other, more energizing colors – pink, cobalt or red. It is worth paying attention to the material. Suffolk clutch bags are an excellent choice. We also like the bags of snake-like material, both black and metallic models, such as navy blue.


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