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Sun Glasses 2019

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Fashionable sunglasses 2019

What sunglasses will we wear in spring and summer? Above all, large, colorful, decorated and flirty. You can combine all these features or bet on one of them.

The choice of frames is only for you, so you should know what is on time. It is important that the frames are adjusted to your beauty.

When buying sunglasses, choose a model that will harmonize with the shape of the face, but also make sure that the glass has appropriate filters that will protect your eyes from harmful solar radiation.

Trendy frames 2019

In 2019 lennon glasses do not come out of fashion. These sunglasses are suitable for almost all styles, from sports and everyday to elegant and more formal. Frames of this type are delicate, so they do not overwhelm the face and fit most face shapes. They will look great on people with rectangular faces.

The equally delicate glasses are models in the frames of the pilot style. Glasses with thin, metal frames will be ideal for people with square faces, because they soften sharp features and slender face.


For women who have a square face, cat-eye frames are ideal. They are one of the most fashionable frames of 2019, so do not hesitate to buy them. Glasses in frames of this shape balance the proportions of the face and perfectly complement the elegant stylizations. Fashionable women’s frames in the shape of feline eyes are a choice for the most courageous women who are not afraid to stand out in the crowd.

Cat sunglasses are a hit this summer! Our favorite are frames in a trendy panther pattern that combine retro chic with a modern twist. They fit great brunettes, they will also be perfect for blondes, with dark frames not always suited to delicate beauty. Cat leopard sunglasses come in various shapes, very fashionable in this season are narrow frames. Our favorites are models with an original, geometric form.



For women who prefer rich decorations, we offer frames with crystals or brilliant. If you follow trends, pay attention to glasses in frames in intense colors. Red, green or blue frames emphasize the color of the eyes and enliven the face. The most fashionable colorful glasses are those with thick, plastic frames. In turn, if you prefer more versatile models, choose transparent glasses that look almost like a laboratory. Transparent frames have the advantage that they fit any outfit and makeup.






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