Your Spiritual Beaded Bracelet

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This simply fabulous beaded bracelet will make your whole ensemble blend together in perfect harmony. You’ll still be wearing these beauties next week as these bracelets become the sensation of my accessory stage.
Cherish three the most protective stones in one:
• Hematite is well known for its protective and grounding power.
It will keep you emotionally and spiritually safe.
Hematite dispels negativity and purifies emotional stress in the body.
• Black Obsidian also is known as Black ”Volcanic Stone” or ”Black Onyx”, has Strong Curative Properties.
It is also famous for its protective power that protects anyone from negative influence by cleansing their body from negative energy.
• Tiger Eye protects us from the intentions of others.
Indeed, when wearing Tiger’s Eye, we are virtually invisible
against other people’s opinions, influence or judgment.
Tiger’s Eye is also famous for bringing luck and prosperity.
A combination of these powerful stones makes their power 10 times stronger.

Material: Mixed Stone Bracelet, Obsidian, Tigers Eye, Hematite •
Size: elastic (about 7.2”) • Weight: 35g


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